Need Your Attention for Just a Minute

I know you’re probably on your way to work or at work right now … but it’s still relevant this evening! But I want to ask you for just maybe 2 minutes of your time. From my experience, the biggest block for regular readers signing up for Prime is actually just that hassle of pulling out your credit card, typing in the number, the expiration date, the little security number and the rest. I feel like that way all the time. I know not everyone wants to sign up. That’s fine. But if you do, if you’d like a cleaner, faster version of TPM and most importantly to support our independent journalism, I want to ask you to take a moment right now. Just … like literally right now, pull out your wallet and take the plunge. It’s a huge thing for us. And this morning we are only 281 191 160 129 sign ups short of hitting our annual sign up drive goal of 3,000 new members. If you’re ready, click right here.

And seriously, thank you.