My New Podcast

I wanted to let you know that next week I’m launching my own weekly podcast. It will be made up primarily of interviews and mainly about politics, except when it’s not. In other words, like the Editor’s Blog itself. As regular readers know, my real interest outside of this political journalism racket is history. Not the stuff I studied in graduate school and virtually never contemporary or recent history history but history from a least a couple centuries in the past.

The podcast will be for subscribers only. But we’ll have a highlights version that will be available for everyone. So if there’s some particular quote or exchange that’s especially newsy or interesting we’ll include it there.

I used to do radio many, many years ago. So I’ve looked forward to doing this for a long time. The main hold up has been finding a way it could fit into our publishing model. How I imagine the podcast will differ from my Editor’s Blog writing is that in the Editor’s Blog I’m usually explaining some new news development or making an argument about what the news means, the proper context to understand it and so forth. I imagine the podcast will be much more me talking to people I’m interested in learning things from.

As you can imagine, there will likely be a lot of experimentation at the outset. My main goal is simply to find the most interesting people to talk to. I hope you enjoy it.