Must Follow

If you’re going to dedicate the next three days to 72 hours of campaign watching obsession, don’t miss Jon Ralston. His blog is here and his twitter feed is here. He’s the political reporter on Nevada politics and from having watched him now for a few years seems to understand the nitty gritty political dynamics of the state at least as well anyone else out there. Not a chin-stroker mainly but someone who’s really focused on the numbers and details.One of the most interesting things about this state is that it’s proving to be in microcosm what Democrats hope and data suggests is happening to the US at large — a growing number of minority voters, now aggressively registered and turning out at the polls with the help of early voting, have transformed the state.

He’s been tracking the numbers in early voting in the state, focusing on registration levels, compared to 2008 and 2010. And his latest read as of today is that the door has not quite but close to closed on Romney’s hopes in the state. Read his take here.