More Unforced Errors (GUCT Edition)

Political operatives have known since … oh, the late 1820s not to insult the poverty or humble upbringings of opponents as it almost always backfires on the attacker. But apparently no one told John Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols who recently sneered that Gov. Ted Strickland’s allegedly bad record on jobs is no surprise since he’d “grown up in a chicken shack.”

I was going to compare this to Sue Lowden’s ability to torpedo her own campaign through a series of completely unnecessary, unforced errors. Because this has really become a pattern of late — seemingly strong Republican candidates, in a Republican year, managing to trip themselves up through completely unnecessary goofs. But then it occurred to me that there might be a grand unifying chicken theory (GUCT) of the 2010 election since it seems to be a recurring theme.