Not many votes in yet. But the Michigan results are very tight right now, with Sanders with a small lead. Outside of New Hampshire, Sanders’ victories have been heavily weighted toward caucuses. This is a primary. Much more difficult to win with enthusiastic and well organized supporters. If he can manage a victory in Michigan that would be a big win for him. Live results here.

Late Update – 8:42 PM: Still very close but no votes in from Detroit. That may make it hard for Sanders to hold on.

8:45 PM: Is ‘Tough Night for Marco Rubio’ a new show on CNN? Hear it promo’d constantly every time we tune into CNN.

9:16 PM: So still fairly close in Michigan, with Sanders in a small but durable lead. And we’re still waiting for the bulk of votes to come in from Detroit. But there’s now a non-trivial number of votes in from there – about 15,000 votes. And Sanders has a clear lead. No idea where those votes come from. Maybe it’s not representative. But Clinton needs a solid win in Wayne County to win the state.

9:27 PM: About 20% of precincts reporting in Wayne County and Clinton has moved into a small lead – 53% – 46%.