MF Looks for an Exit

From TPM Reader MF

In the end, I don’t believe the superdelegates are going to decide this. I think finances are. We’ll see what happens next month, but it’s my guess her fundraising figures are going to be WAY down. She’s already in trouble financially, and at some point, her backers have got to see that this is just throwing good money after bad. Lately, I’ve been asking my Hillary supporting friends to play around with the Slate delegate counter. They fool around with it for a few minutes, and they invariably come away saying, “She really can’t win this, can she?” That’s a sad conclusion for those who have put so much time and energy into Hillary’s campaign (Bill and Hillary included), but the fact is, the time for fighting hard was long ago. She’s trying to somehow get a do-over for the mistakes she made at the beginning of the campaign. It’s too late.

This is the scene in the movie where the doctor is standing over the patient, desperately trying to revive someone who’s already flat-lined on the monitor. Eventually, someone tells the doctor, “The patient’s gone,
doctor. It’s over.”

The problem now is to figure out a way to get her to leave the race honorably and gracefully. She could do a lot of damage to the party on her way out the door. Possibly worse damage than her Huckabeean campaign is already doing. But telling her to leave the race is only pissing all of them off. There’s a better way. I hope someone figures it out soon.