Live Debate Blogging

8:33 PM: Okay, cranking down the Dylan and cranking up the ABC News, let’s do this.

8:38 PM: “We will rise to the challenge of ISIL. And we will rise together to the challenges that we face in our economy. But we will only do so if we hold true to the values and the freedoms that unite us. Which means we must never surrender them to terrorists, must never surrender our American values to racists, must never surrender them to the fascist pleas of billionaires with big mouths. We are a better country than this. Our enduring symbol is not the barbed wire fence. It is the statue of liberty.”

8:39 PM: It’s almost worth electing Bernie Sanders simply to see him negotiating with the King of Saudi Arabia on building that coalition.

8:44 PM: Okay, I’m not sure that exchange between Sanders and Clinton amounted to bickering. It’s like O’Malley has data breach envy. Does he even have any data?

8:45 PM: This frustrates me so much. When the President says we know of no credible threat and some crazies turn out to be building pipe bombs in their basement and about to mount an attack. That’s not a contradiction.

8:55 PM: “Let’s calm down there, Martin.”

8:59 PM: “Use bluster and bigotry to inflame people.”