Let’s Do This, Folks

Today is the day.

I’ll share some thoughts on the election in a bit. But I wanted to start with some more personal or rather organizational ones.

For those of you who are regulars or feel some sense of kinship with this organization, I want to tell you you’d be really proud of the amount of work and diligence and dedication everyone on the masthead below has put into this over the last few days – including really late nights for almost everyone in the organization last night itself – reporters and editors, the design team, the tech team.

We do try and will try to make it look easy, make it about the story and not us. But this site has always been about breaking down the journalistic fourth wall of notional anonymity. So I wanted to share this part of the story with you as well.

So let me publicly thank everyone who has put so much into this. And thank you, everyone who’s reading, who has read through these long months. We literally could not do it without you.