Last Video

I’m not certain whether this is the last video of LaVoy Finicum. But it’s a video published Tuesday by The Oregonian in which Finicum appears to discuss the meeting in John Day, Oregon that the militant ringleaders were en route to when they were apprehended and Finicum himself was killed. In the video, he explains that sympathizers in Grant County had invited his group to come and speak to them with the aim of joining their cause.

It is a testament to the sense of invulnerability into which the FBI lulled the group that Bundy, Finicum and others thought they could travel roughly one hundred miles on isolated rounds to what was a publicized meeting with impunity.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, Finicum wrote a post-apocalyptic cowboy thriller called “Only by Blood and Suffering.” Our Lauren Fox read it …

Finicum’s 241-page apocalyptic cowboy thriller titled “Only By Blood and Suffering” is a how-to on surviving after a electromagnetic pulse or nuclear attack when your Escalade stops driving, the government has bought back all of your guns, President Bill Clinton signed away your country’s missile technology to the Chinese, the Supreme Court is loaded with lefty judicial activists and you don’t have an adequate amount of gold and “junk silver” to get by when the stock market implodes, interest rates balloon overnight and the value of the dollar collapses.

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