Just Getting Sad

With the polls arcing against them, the frustration of the Senate Republicans in Wisconsin is just palpable. And without any power to get themselves out of the spot they’re in they’re now reduced to a series of spiteful and silly and entirely ineffectual steps that just how impotent they are. First was the ‘use of force’ resolution issued earlier. And now they’re reassigning the staffers for the Democratic senators to the remaining Republican senators.

The Republican Majority Leader says they’re not really reassigning them so much as giving each staffer a point of contact in the building if any problems come up.

When we asked Sen. Chris Larson, one of the runaway Dems about that, he told us: “I would be very interested in letting Sen. Fitzgerald know about a new technology called the cellular telephone. I thought he was aware of it. What it does, is it gives a senator the ability to keep in touch with his staff when he is not in that building. I would think he would know, this because most senators are not in the building on Mondays and Fridays, or days when we’re not in session.”