Join Us! (TPMPrime Edition)

Monday has arrived. Membership sign-ups for TPMPrime start today. Click here to sign up right now.

TPMPrime officially opens its doors two weeks from today, Monday, October 15th. Today we’re kicking off our two week membership sign-up drive. Everyone who signs up during this period becomes a “Launch Member”. No special privileges just a permanent recognition that you were part of launching this new part of our site. As Mitt Romney might say, You Built That! Having as large a membership base as possible at launch is critical to the success of TPMPrime and the entirety of TPM. I truly hope you can join us today. It means a great deal to me and every member of our organization.

What’s TPMPrime? What’s it cost?

Forget all that just sign me up? Click right here.

If you have any further questions, please email TPMPrime (at)