It’s Still About Dominance

So what on Earth is up with Trump now ringing up Nancy Pelosi to ask her advice on reassuring DACA recipients? I would certainly say it’s one of the weirder developments of the Trump era. It’s an extremely high bar.

On the specifics, I go back to what I wrote last night:┬áTrump is about dominance and retaliating for ego injuries. I think this still stems from that. People like Trump also need a lot of novelty and stimulation. He’s certainly got Mitch McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s attention. He may also be momentarily intrigued that he’s getting more action from the Democrats than he has from Republicans. One thing that has been repeatedly clear about Trump’s relationship with the GOP leadership is that he has contempt for their obsequiousness and fealty. As much as he’s now angry at him. They still remain generally obsequious, bereft of dignity or any self-respect. He both loves it and has contempt for it.

But again, fundamentally, Trump’s need to dominate and retaliate when he is not allowed to do so. That’s the story here.