It’s Hard Out There For a Flag

Rogelio V. Solis/The Associated Press

It’s so different. Yet seeing the rush for the exits on the symbols of the Confederacy almost reminds me of the flurry of name-changes and turnabouts that followed the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. It is almost like a sudden national convulsion or a gag reflex coughing up at least the most noxious symbols of racial domination. Here’s one you might not have figured on. This morning Mayor of Boise (Boise! which you may have noticed is not in the South) removed the Mississippi state flag (which incorporates the Confederate battle flag) from a group of state flags on display outside Boise City Hall.

We learned this courtesy of TPM Reader TJ. It is, as you can imagine, quite difficult at this point to keep up with all the the flag lowerings, proposed statue relocations and all the rest.

Several top Mississippi Republicans, including the Speaker of the state House and the state’s two senators, have now called on the state to retire the current flag and replace it with a new design, shorn of Confederate symbols.