It’s All Much Weirder Than You Think

Kathy Willens/AP

In this new piece, Allegra Kirkland gives us an overview and some choice details of the wild world of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s ‘personal lawyer’ and longtime Trump Organization operative – the side business with Ukrainian emigre taxi barons, the casino boats, the ethanol business in Ukraine. Cohen turns out to be a major player in the New York City taxi business. One of his erstwhile business partners is Simon Garber, a Ukrainian emigre with a long record of run-ins with the law and dominant figure in the NYC taxi world, as well as Chicago and New Orleans, and (formerly) Moscow. Here’s the time Cohen, allegedly waited until Garber was away on a business trip to ride out to Garber’s New Jersey country horse farm estate and “manipulate” Garber’s wife into signing a new contract in Cohen’s taxi contract dispute with Garber.