Is Wright a “Death Blow” to Obama?

March 14, 2008 1:37 p.m.

Like a number of emailers, TPM Reader JB is wringing his hands over Obama’s Rev. Wright:

The Wright time bomb appears to be detonating, now that the horse race narrative has stalled and the media needs new material. The inadequacy of Obama’s response is deeply discouraging. I was very excited about Obama, but I suddenly think Wright is going to deal a death blow to him on the “electibility” front. Michelle Obama’s comments and now the man who lead him to Jesus is saying “God Damn America”, and all BO can say is “I disagree”? He has to thow him under the bus and then back up over him again, but it does not appear that he will. Not clear it would even help that much, given the depth and length of their relationship. Sad to say, but it’s best this happen now rather than in October. As distasteful as her tactics have been, I suddenly think we may be better off in November with Hillary. Wright is cancer.

Late Update
: TPM Reader KR defends JB:

No, no, no. JS doesn’t get it. JB wasn’t saying he’s switching his vote at all, and certainly not because Obama’s pastor made inflammatory remakrs during a sermon. JB is saying, equite accurately, that the Wright issue is a potential death blow to Obama’s campaign unless Obama deals more forcefully with it than Obama has to date.
What I think JB is saying is that the Wright problem will suck all the air out of this month long gap until the Pennsylvania primary, not to mention provide the GOP with all the ammo they need if BO gets the nomination. And actually, I’m quite surprised you just posted JS’s email without mentioning yourself any of those (seemingly obvious) points.

TPM Reader MS foresees this line of attack:

Imagine this 30 second ad, run heavily next October. I think it would be devastating among undecided and swing voters.

“What does Barack Obama really believe in? His spritual teacher for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright. Wright wedded Obama & his wife. Obama named his book from a sermon of Wright’s. [insert video of favorable comment about Wright by Obama]. What has Jeremiah Wright taught Obama? [Insert rabid clip of Wright capped by “God Damn America!! God Damn America!!”] We need a solid patriot to lead our nation. Someone we can trust. Vote John McCain 2008.”

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