Is This The Best They Can Do?

We hope to bring you more detailed coverage of the McCain-Obama public financing pledge and Obama’s hedging over the issue now that his proven fund-raising prowess makes the pledge disadvantageous for him. But I couldn’t let this pass without comment.

You may have caught over the weekend the new line of attack on Obama from the Clinton campaign. As USA Today reports, the Clinton campaign “hammered rival Barack Obama on Sunday for refusing to reaffirm his commitment to accept public financing in the general election, a development a top aide criticized as “a pretty big flip-flop” and an opening for Republican attack.”

There are a number of such stories out today. All of them then go on to dutifully note that Sen. Clinton herself has not pledged to take public financing in the general election.

The issue isn’t public financing, the Clinton campaign says, it’s the flip-flop. “That’s not change you can believe in,” Clinton campaign’s communications director Howard Wolfson said.

Shorter Hillary: I may be wrong, but at least I’m consistent about it.