Is The Transcript Public?

Interesting moment on CNN about an hour ago.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was on CNN talking about the Trump transition. In the course of that conversation there was this exchange with Wolf Blitzer about General Flynn.

BLITZER: Let’s talk about another issue that’s come up, his connections with Russia. He made frequent appearances on Russian state media, the propaganda arm of Putin rt. He was photographed as you know sitting next to president Putin at one of their big Galas exactly a year ago. He was paid to make a speech there. Is that a problem, you think?

BLACKBURN: He has disclosed that. It was something that was done through a business arrangement and that is not something that causes me a tremendous amount of concern because of the disclosure that was made there. Now, I have not seen a transcript of the speech, I have not had the opportunity to read and review that, but I appreciate the fact that that was disclosed and that he brought it forward early. I am certain that Mr. Trump and those that are doing the vetting close to him have reviewed all of that information and do not see that as something that is problematic.

It is important to note. The NSC job is not a Senate confirmable position. It’s entirely at the perogative of the President. So there’s no Senate confirmation. But has the transition reviewed the transcript? Is it public? Will it be made public?