House GOP Balking On Fiscal Cliff Deal

It’s been hard to find a single sign today that the fiscal cliff deal is going to garner support from a majority of House Republicans — and there are abundant signs pointing in the opposite direction. Similarly, there’s no evidence that Speaker Boehner is preparing to pass the bill with less than majority GOP support.

In short, things are not playing out today consistent with the notion that the White House, Senate and House had really reached a deal last night that each side could deliver on. And the gamble the White House and Senate may have made that they could pressure the House with a fait accompli of a deal is looking like a bust.

I don’t guess this should be a surprise. The underlying politics have changed very little since the House GOP shot down Boehner’s own plan B. But it is mystifying why Senate Republicans thought this deal would fly — or why it would leave them less exposed politically even if it died in the House.

The latest from the Hill is talk of the House amending the bill — i.e., adding spending cuts — and shipping it back to the Senate. A game of legislative hot potato. But that doesn’t seem likely to go anywhere. So we’re stuck. Again. No resolution in sight.