Hiring: Newswriter (NY)

If you’re really into news and digital news publishing and want to get a start in the business, here’s a great job. It’s an entry level or near entry level position as our newest Newswriter. What the job requires is a lot of enthusiasm and smarts and deep immersion (obsession with?) in the news and political news. A sense of humor also required. Is it for you? Does this sound like a great opportunity for someone you know? If so, please check out the full job listing after the jump.

TPM is hiring a Newswriter to join the team running TPMLivewire in our New York City headquarters.

Candidates must also be able to write clean, engaging copy in a fast-paced news environment. They must be deeply conversant with the news world and be ready to work at the high speed of a digital news organization. This is an entry-level position. Experience in a similar news setting is a plus but not absolutely essential. This a job for a politics junkie for an audience of politics junkies. A real familiarity with TPM and solid news judgment are each a must.

TPMLivewire is the tip of the TPM breaking news spear, covering the news in real time using a combination of aggregation and original reporting to keep readers up to speed on the latest developments in TPM’s coverage areas. The Newswriter will be constantly monitoring a wide array of incoming news channels — including TV, online, social media — in search of significant developments in our coverage areas and early emerging stories of national significance. The stories at Livewire are newsworthy, zany, provocative — and preferably a combination of all three.

Competitive salary, health insurance coverage, 401(k), three weeks paid vacation per year. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. This is an entry-level editorial position.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to our comments email address jobs (at) talkingpointsmemo.com. Include the subject line: “Job App: Newswriter.”