Hiring: News Writer

We’re hiring a News Writer to work out of our New York City office. Job description and listing after the jump …TPM is hiring a News Writer to work in our New York City office. This is an entry level, junior editorial position writing primarily for TPM’s LiveWire. News Writers are the people who come in each day, scan the news, look for great TPM stories, take rapid fire assignments, write them up tight and fast and then either find ways to advance those stories or look for other stories to jump on top of and do the same thing with. It’s very fast paced and very reactive to the news.

You need to be a news omnivore or rather a news carnivore because doing the job right requires a keen eye for a TPM story and the ability to pounce quickly — so a news Velociraptor not a Stegosaurus.

Candidates must be deeply conversant with the news world, be ready to work at the fast-paced metabolism of a new media news organization. Experience in a similar news setting is a plus but not absolutely essential. A solid grasp of contemporary U.S. politics, a real familiarity with TPM, and solid news judgment are each a must.

Competitive salary, health insurance coverage, 401(k), three weeks paid vacation per year. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to our comments email address talk (at) talkingpointsmemo.com. Include the subject line: “Job App: NY News Writer.”

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