Hill Staffers, Listen Up!

Okay, sorry for the abrupt call to attention. But we need your help with something.

We’re going to be covering Michele Bachmann’s Capitol Hill Tea Party/Town Hall event tomorrow. Not just the rally outside the building but whatever it is that’s going to happen inside afterwards, with Bachmann leading the protestors through the halls looking for members of Congress who might vote for health care reform. We’re going to have one, probably two reporters on the scene.

But it’s an awfully big network of buildings. And they can’t be everywhere. If this summer’s town halls are any indication, it’s going to be quite a scene. And we’re already picking up indications that the crowd is being primed with stories of Nancy Pelosi getting the Capitol police to crack down on the protestors. Sort of a heady mindset going in, you might say. And there will be a lot you see that we won’t.

So can you help be our eyes and ears? Whatever you see, ping us at the comments email address up at the upper right. Your anonymity, as always, is guaranteed.