Growing TPM

I mentioned on Friday that after the election we plan to expand our team and focus that expansion on more original reporting. Our iterative style of reporting is the centerpiece of what we do. But more staff capacity will allow us to go deeper, dog more stories at once. Building our Prime membership is a critical part of allowing us to do that. On Friday, we were coming up on 15,000 subscribers. With your help, we pushed through that milestone and now have 15,127, as I write.

We’ve set ourselves an extremely ambitious goal of getting our subscriber base to 20,000 and we hope to do that by the end of the calendar year – a very tall order but not an impossible one. To get there, we are going to shoot for getting to 16,000 by next Monday. So if you’re a regular reader and ready to join us, get a better TPM experience and make it possible for us to expand our operation, please take a moment to join us right now. Just click here.

Late Update: Now at 15,170. Just thirty more to get to 15,200 tonight!