Greetings from Denver

As of this evening, Ben Craw and I are ensconced in TPM’s convention headquarters, a quaint cottage in the shadow of a giant blue neon mortuary sign on the edge of downtown Denver. We’re more or less within walking distance of the convention site, the Pepsi Center, where the NBA’s Nuggets play, but we’re on the opposite side of downtown from most of the major hotels, so in true TPM style it feels like we’re sneaking in through the back door.

We’re going to try to bring you that same sort of off-the-beaten path coverage of the goings-on here. That’s not easy to do with 15,000 journalists swarming over every morsel of news. But rather than hype events here with breathless coverage or willingly submit to being props for a week-long staged event for TV, we’re going to try to find the people and events that we ourselves find intrinsically interesting and informative, and share them with you.

I’d like to think that we have a slightly different view of things from up on the hill behind the mortuary sign.