Globe: Marathon Suspect in Custody

We’ve been down this road before. And with all the chaos outside Boston tonight, I wouldn’t be certain of anything. But the Boston Globe is reporting that police have one marathon bombing suspect in custody and are searching for a second in Watertown. Presumably this makes it official that the bombings and this situation outside Boston tonight are connected. But again, treat everything as tentative. The Globe also reported the non-arrest on Wednesday.

Late Update – 2:37 PM: The Globe is obviously an august paper. But their certainty on this seems well out in front of what others seem to know. I’d remain cautious about this point.

Late Update – 2:42 PM: Here’s the Globe’s piece saying a marathon suspect is in custody. Same caution.

Late Update – 2:47 PM: We’ve spoken to the FBI. They won’t confirm that these are marathon bombing suspects.