Give the Gift of TPM!

Last week I described our plan of selling Prime subscription credits. The full post is here. But the gist is this: We’ve built Prime as a premium version of TPM designed for our core readers. It allows us to create and fund things that aren’t possible in the ad-supported part of the site. And it’s also a critical revenue driver that keeps TPM stable, strong and thriving. (The fee is $50 a year or 14 cents a day.)

But not every reader can afford it. So we came up with a plan fits with our financial needs and also our values as a publication: a twist on the standard holiday season concept of getting people to purchase gift subscriptions. Instead of buying a subscription for your spouse or your niece or your uncle, buy one for someone you don’t know and won’t ever know. We’ll take that credit – good for a full year’s subscription just like the one you’d purchase for yourself – and assign it to another reader for whom the subscription fee would be a financial hardship.

(Of course, you may get to know the person as a fellow reader in The Hive, for instance. But the transaction itself remains anonymous to both parties.)

This is a quick description and it’s sort of an outside the box concept. So if you’re scratching your head trying to make sense of this, I really encourage you to read this fuller description here. You can buy one credit or two or however many you want and you can be certain that it’s going to a fellow reader who would otherwise be excluded and helping support TPM and enabling us to do what we already do better.

It’s quick, easy. And if you’re sold on the idea, click here to purchase one or more right now.