Five Degrees Of Separation

One more note on Brian Beutler’s story about Elliott Broidy enlisting Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown in his new pro-intervention advocacy group.

Broidy’s role in the New York state pension scandal was making some $1 million in bribes to pension officials so his investment firm could win some of the lucrative pension business. Some of the Broidy bribes included payments to take care of the rent of the girlfriend of one state official. Because, you know. She happened to be Peggy Lipton, the actress of “Mod Squad” fame who later married Quincy Jones. One of their daughters is actress Rashida Jones, who is known for, among other things, her run on The Office.

All of which goes to say there are five degrees of separation between Joe Lieberman and Michael Scott:

Joe Lieberman -> Elliott Broidy -> Peggy Lipton -> Rashida Jones -> Michael Scott.