Endangering the Country; Devin Nunes Edition

With Devin Nunes now going to town over the “dossier” and trying to get the FBI to turn over materials from an active counter-intelligence and criminal investigation, we should remember the following. Whatever President Trump’s level of complicity in the Russian disruption campaign, there was a disruption campaign. Trying to disrupt the investigation may be something people think will protect Trump. But it impedes the actual investigation.

Counter-intelligence investigations – as opposed to criminal investigations – are primarily about disruption and prevention. They’re about identifying and neutralizing threats for the present and future. We have very good reason to think the threat is on-goin. So it is important to remember that all this nonsense from Devin Nunes isn’t just derp and nonsense to try to protect Trump and score points on Fox News. It actually actively endangers the country and the integrity of future elections.

Why Devin Nunes is doing that doesn’t really matter. He is doing it.