Emotions Runnin’ Kinda High

February 6, 2008 12:36 a.m.

TPM Reader SM

You guys have lost your friggin minds since Josh decided on Olberman that Obama’s Iraq comment was something more than it was. There’s been nothing but crap Zogby polls and spin keeping this guy a float. Look at the exit and entrance polls! The guy hasn’t managed to break out of his key demographics AT ALL. Whoa he got more of the White vote in CA which he lost handily. He seems to be able to win every caucus and lose every election. Too bad we don’t caucus to elect a president.

He’s dead. His campaign is fundamentally about the belief that there are no race issues in America. And reality is biting him on the ass in every race. He loses the brown vote in every state 2:1 while pulling in the black vote 4:1 and he manages to sway wealthy white people and young white people. That’s it. The base of the dem party is union workers, working class people and grandma. He has no traction at all with these groups. It’s written large in every race. The guy just doesn’t have what it takes to build a majority, and he’s got a slick net press operation that is fundamentally gaming Reddit and the blogsphere.

It’s obivous that the dem base loves Clinton ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS AGRESSIVE!

It’s obvious that the dem base doesn’t give a shit about the Iraq vote!

It’s obvious that the Obama base relies heavily on right wing help, and launders stuff through them and their proxies. Case in point your own guy Trapper via Drudge.

It’s obvious that the brown vote in this country matters more economically than the black vote since the brown people work closer to the white power structure and get more representation for their money even via delegates as a result. And it’s obvious that Obama has killed himself by denying the realities of race in America instead of addressing them.

Please stop buying into the bullshit of the Obama internet press operation. The party can’t afford to bleed for 3 more months to appease Barack and Michelle’s ego, when McCain consolidates everything under himself tomorrow. Ok sure we go to VA and MD or whatever if the Republicans pussyfoot, but we aren’t going to learn anything new just blow a lot of scratch to see another iteration of the same demographic story.

The real story is not in the pre-election bullshit polls where people like Zogby just make shit up, it’s in the repeated and expanding story of the exit and entrance polls. LOOK AT THEM. There is NO OBAMA “surge”, it’s the same people in the same groups with different numbers in each state.

Encourage the Obama people to take Hillary’s VP offer so that we call move on already. We need to win in November, and raising more ire within the party is a sure way to fuck that up.

PS We love teddy in MA but we know he is full of shit, which is why Obama lost here. That everyone else bought into the spectacle is enough to show that you were all more interested in seeing what you wanted to see rather than what was. Open your eyes look at the exit and entrance pols. BTW the same white demographic that went for Obama in MA is the one that went for him in CA, in CA there are just more of them.

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