Does This Man Pass the Scott Brown Test?

Does this man pass the Scott Brown “she don’t look Indian” test?

Earlier today I noted this very weird line from last week’s Massachusetts Senate race in which Sen. Scott Brown flippantly noted that you could tell that Elizabeth Warren didn’t have Cherokee heritage just by looking at her — since obviously she’s white. This not withstanding the fact that anyone familiar with the Cherokee nation or most other recognized and unrecognized American Indian groups knows that many people with undisputed Indian heritage “look white.”Now just this evening I learned from TPM Reader BG that the late Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was a member of the Chinook tribe …

It’s not generally known that recently-murdered Amb. Chris Stevens was a full, registered Chinook. A great many Chinooks here in the NW can “pass” as white. You can verify this by checking w/ the Chinook Tribe.

It turns out there was no need to confirm since you can easily find the statement released by Chinook Tribal Chairman Ray Gardner mourning Stevens’ loss.

So, does Chris Stevens meet Brown’s ‘know one when I see one’ test?