Do We Need a Wake-Me-When-I’m-Trump Bracket?


I’m not sure if a bracket could pull together and structure the requisite information. Perhaps it would be a betting market. But it will be of great interest over the next several months to see how long it takes various NeverTrump and EventuallyTrump Republicans to come forward and fully embrace Trump.

For most, I suspect, it won’t take long. But when?

Let’s be clear: if you’re not either supporting Hillary Clinton, supporting another presidential candidate or explicitly saying you won’t vote, you’re for Trump. There are extremely few prominent Republicans, even by the widest measure of prominence, currently in any of these three buckets. There’s longtime McCain aide Mark Salter who says he will support Hillary Clinton. There’s Sen Ben Sasse who seems genuinely NeverTrump. But after that you need to look pretty hard for anyone willing to commit in a big way.

Over the coming weeks though, you’ll undoubtedly seeing quite a few coming around to being hardcore Trumpers. Marco Rubio said the future of the party and the Republic. Now he says he cheered that Trump has “improved significantly.” Reince Priebus who was of course never NeverTrump and as the nominally uncommitted Chair of the RNC really couldn’t be was right out of the gate last night declaring the primaries over and Trump the nominee.

What about Liza Mair? What about Bill Kristol? Lindsay Graham? Mark Levin?

Who else do you think will be next?