Dept. of Hmmm

Last night TPM Reader BD wrote in to let us know that John McCain is blanketing the airwaves in Missouri while Barack Obama wasn’t on the air at all. We asked other Missouri readers to tell us whether they were seeing the same thing.

And, by and large, the answer seems to be ‘Yes’. A few readers say that Obama has gone up on the air in the last few days too, but with a much smaller run.

A national campaign is a complex undertaking, with lots of trade-offs about where to deploy funds and strategies about how to roll out messages and when. So I won’t be foolish enough to second guess their strategy on the basis of one single data point, without being privy to their overall strategy.

But given Obama’s expected overpowering financial advantage, it would seem odd to me if his campaign is ceding the airwaves to McCain in such a key potential swing state.