Dems Win Small Consolation Prize

Notwithstanding the stinging defeat on the night’s big contest, it seems Wisconsin Democrats have managed one significant, if largely symbolic, victory for the night by apparently reclaiming control of the Wisconsin state senate.There were four state senate recalls tonight. Dems needed one to flip control of the state’s upper house. Three of those the Republicans won handily. But they appear to have won the 21st district. With 100% of votes counted, John Lehmann appears to have defeated Van Wanggaard with a margin of just under 800 votes.

There may be a recount. But with about 70 thousand votes cast, that’s a hard margin to overcome.

It’s important to note that this means reclaiming the senate through November, before which time it’s not even clear the upper chamber will convene to legislate. So as I said, it’s largely symbolic. 16 of the 33 seats are again up for election in 5 months.