Dem Goo-Goo Wisconsin Debate Blogging #4

10:23 PM: That Sanders answer was sort of a flashback to the lefty magazines I used to read in high school. Jacobo Arbenz gets no love?

10:25 PM: I think Clinton has the better of Sanders on the Libya question. He’s got a good point on what’s happening with Libya. But I think he’s slicing the distinction a bit fine is on that vote.

10:27 PM: Sander’s has a pretty point here on Kissinger. But man, this is a serious time warp on the bombing of Cambodia.

10:29 PM: Why has the Bernie finger wag not become a gif meme yet?

I spoke too soon …

10:35 PM: Clinton’s experience and knowledge on foreign affairs is one of her big selling points to me, though I do have some concerns about her interventionism. But I feel like with answer like that Syria one she realizes okay no one is really going to be able to follow what I’m talking about but I’m just going to show how deep my knowledge is.

10:42 PM: They seem to have applied the non-yahoo filter to Facebook when they got tonight’s questions.

10:43 PM: Bernie on foreign policy tonight is bringing back a whole childhood of Pete Seeger and PBS documentaries.