Debate Live-Blogging Pt. #2

9:29 PM: Newt totally ducked the question. But it seemed to work for him. Meanwhile, Mitt’s answer was totally incoherent. Not sure if it will help Newt at this point. But he’s brought his A-game.

9:34 PM: Bachmann is far and away the first to lay a glove on Gingrich.

9:37 PM: Politifact just shot down Bachmann’s claims about what Politifact said. Too bad Politifact is so lame.

9:40 PM: Hearing folks point out that Mitt’s team must really think Newt’s sinking fast because he’s really not going after Newt at all.

9:42 PM: Sheesh. What happened to Rick Perry? Like someone jammed him with an Epi-pin or something.