Debate Live-Blogging Pt. #1

8:06 PM: We’ll have moment by moment debate updates and video clips here.

8:07 PM: Smart of Santorum to stamp the word “victory” about Iowa. It really gets under Mitt’s skin.

8:09 PM: Standing O suggests more support for open marriage in South Carolina than I’d imagined.

8:10 PM: For Newt’s intended audience, he nailed this answer. Shameless. But bullseye. Classic Newt. Enemy is the media, the MSM.

8:18 PM: Listening to Romney right now. He doesn’t have the tenor for this debate. Newt’s set the tone which is fire-breathing and intense. That’s not Mitt.

8:22 PM: Not that he’s not trying: “Shove it down [Obama’s] throat”? Really? It ain’t him. “I know we’re going to get it hard from president obama but we’ll stuff it down his throat and find out it is capitalism and freedom that makes america strong.”

8:30 PM: Such a weak field they’re making Newt look brilliant.

8:31 PM: Here’s why it won’t be nearly as easy as Mitt claims to get rid of “Obamacare”. Really good piece. Give it a read.

8:36 PM: Santorum’s sort of attacking Newt too on personal mandates. But it kind of doesn’t matter. This hurts Mitt a lot more. Gingrich is off doing something else. This doesn’t let Mitt regroup and go on the offensive.

8:43 PM: Wow. Ron Paul thinks no one had trouble getting health care treatment in the early 60s before Medicare/Medicaid.