Debate Live Blogging #4

10:29 PM: Clinton On Trump’s Predatory Comments About Women: This Is Who He Is

10:28 PM: Trump just said he’s pretty much self-funding? Really.

10:22 PM: “I have almost 25 million people.”

10:21 PM: She “was no girl scout.” “There was no sex tape.”

10:20 PM: “She has tremendous hate in her heart … She’s got tremendous hatred.”

10:17 PM: I think a basic theme of this debate is that this is the debate the Breitbart team wanted from Trump: aggressive, hitting Bill’s adultery, all the laundry list of slashing attacks.

10:16 PM: “I have been saying in big speeches where I have 20 and 30,000 people. What do you have to lose?”

10:15 PM: Trump seems to think all Black people live in a place called “the inner cities.”

10:14 PM: The constant fighting with the moderators is not helping Trump.