County by County

I hope you join us tomorrow night to watch the results come in from around the country. As you’d expect we are going to have live election results from every federal election in the country, plus governors’ races. But in addition to all the usual bells and whistles we’ve got one really cool addition that I’m really looking forward to using.

The best way to analyze returns as they come in is to look at key counties and see how each candidate is doing there relative to historical voting. That can give you a pretty clear read even if the totals for the state are early or ambiguous. Most election junkies know this. And a lot of have a general sense of the importance of say Northern Virginia versus Southside Virginia in Virginia. But what we’ve done this year is take the county by county data for the 2012 presidential election and present it side by side with the live 2016 data as it comes in. That way it’s all at your fingertips. You don’t have to rely on some numbers guru on TV or twitter to walk you through the historical data. It’s right there.