Considered Judgment

I noted below that Palin comes in with bubbling scandal in her home state. And with her choice, McCain, with one stroke, undercuts the best argument of his campaign: Obama’s purported lack of experience for the job. But there’s another part of this. Andrew Sullivan captures it …

One more thing: this was a bit of a F-U pick, a personal, totally idiosyncratic, gut-level, aggressive piece of opportunism. Yes he can! And yes, it does underline his maverick, out-of-the-box brand. It makes me like his empathy for gutsy young women, even former beauty queens (is there footage of her contest out there?). But it also makes me less comfortable with the idea of him as commander in chief. It seems a less steady choice than Biden.

Along with experience, the intertwined claim of superior judgment has been McCain’s central argument for his candidacy. I’ve heard dozens of prominent Republicans making this argument over recent weeks. I’d be very curious to hear their off the record thoughts on McCain’s job at this moment.

What does this say about John McCain’s judgment? Steadiness in key decision-making moments?