Chaos North Of Boston

As I said a few times earlier this evening, we have no direct evidence that the situation unfolding north of Boston is related to the Boston marathon bombings. However, as the situation has escalated over the last half hour, there’ve been running gun fights and explosions at least in Watertown, the town immediately west of Cambridge.

Given that and the massive police deployment, it seems hard to believe that these are not connected in some way to Monday’s bombing. But again all we seem to know is that this grows out of the shooting incident at MIT that happened late Thursday night.

Late Update – 1:32 AM: As of this moment, little is certain about what’s happening north of Boston with any certainty. So treat this all as tentative. But I’ll try to give you as clear a read as I can.

Things seem to have started with a shooting of an MIT police office. He later died. There was a big police mobilization. And then things seemed to move to the town next door, Watertown. A carjacking may have been what brought the situation from Cambridge to Watertown. Once the commotion moved to Watertown there were numerous reports of gunfire and explosions. At this moment, two suspects have reportedly been apprehended in Watertown, though there are conflicting reports that a second person has been taken into custody. More shortly.