10:20 PM: Chuck Todd said the Obama campaign had to scrape the barrel to come up with Julian Castro as a non-white Keynote Speaker. I’m not sure about that. This strikes me as a pretty inspired delivery.

10:27 PM: I think this guy’s got a future in front of him. Julian Castro, 37 years old.

10:30 PM: Four very powerful speeches tonight: Strickland, O’Malley, Patrick and Castro. I’m not part of our team down in Charlotte. So I know that leaves a bunch of folks out. But I’ve watched through the prism of television coverage. On their own merits, I thought these were each strong speeches. But what strikes me most is their coherence as a set. Common set of themes, full-throated endorsement of a second Obama term and a common, thematically united set of knocks at Mitt Romney. All of this is what made this evening seem very different from the RNC last week. Quite simply, it lacked any coherence. It was a jumble. A number of the talking heads tonight have noted how infrequently most of the Republicans speakers mentioned Mitt Romney and how many seemed to talk mainly about themselves. Very different.

10:55 PM: A good reminder that Romney-speak seems to assume that success is only about your salary and bank accounts. Even your domestic ones.