Breaking? We Had That Months Ago

A short while ago we saw CNN run a breaking headline chyron about some new news they’d dug up. It turns out John Roberts gave a clue to his ruling during the hearings themselves. Right, what our Brian Beutler presciently reported at the time.

We join CNN’s mega-scoop in progress …

Brooke Baldwin: “I want to pick up with a point we just ended with, and that being no doubt that the bombshell here out of this morning’s Supreme Court ruling is that Chief Justice John Roberts, supported the constitutionality of really the crux of this legislation, the individual mandate, but the Chief Justice might have tipped his hand, during the oral arguments back in March. WE DID SOME DIGGING, AND GUESS WHAT WE FOUND – a little exchange between Chief Justice John Roberts and the attorney representing the National Federation of Independent Business, and in it you can hear Roberts seems to scoff at the idea that the mandate is not a tax. Take a listen.”

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