Belly of the Earmark Beast!

We’ve just gotten a hold of “Intern’s Survival Guide” which is part of the initiation material handed out to new interns in the office of Congressman Don Young (R) when they start at the office.

Lots of fun color, as you’d expect. But we’re particularly interested in the “A-team,” who interns covering the phones were told “can talk to whomever they want” in the office.

The ‘A-Team’ appears to have been made up entirely of lobbyists, nine in all, including Rick Alcade, the lobbyist on the notorious Coconut Road earmark.

See our full report here.

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Late Update: Young’s office has now sent along the following statement, which claims that the document in question is “incredibly outdated” and “was pieced together by several former interns and not by staff.” Our understanding, however, is that the ‘guide’ was distributed by a paid member of the Young staff …

Below is our response. Attached please find the official Intern Guidelines as put together and handed out by our intern coordinator, as well as a screen capture of the properties of the document showing that this document was created in 2006 for distribution.

“Rep. Young has welcomed dozens of interns into his office over the years and finds their assistance in the office invaluable. But interns are not staff. This incredibly outdated “survival guide” was pieced together by several former interns and not by staff. This “guide” in no way reflects the official policies of Rep. Young’s office.

“It’s always interesting to see how students view their intern experience. It appears that some of what they have written is tongue in cheek, some to help relieve the daily stresses of working on Capitol Hill. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that all interns have the best experience possible.

“As for those listed, they include either former staffers (who represent Alaskans) or close friends and former colleagues of Rep. Young, whom he has known for many years.”