Belgrade Blogging

As many of you know, David Kurtz is our indispensable managing editor here at TPM, which means you see him with some frequency writing on the main blog and you’re almost always seeing his work, as editor, though without always knowing it, across the rest of our news blogs and general news coverage.

David is away the first three days of this week because he’s attending the International Press Institute World Congress & 57th General Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia.

He’ll be appearing on a panel tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM (local time) entitled “New Media: New Opportunities, New Threats”. And then Tuesday afternoon at the event’s closing ceremony he’ll be accepting the “Free Media Pioneer 2008” award on behalf of TPM.

David just arrived in Belgrade a couple hours ago. So obviously it will be a pretty whirlwind trip. But between panels and receptions and trying to squeeze in a little sleep he’ll also be doing some special Belgrade blogging. So keep your eyes out for it.