Behold the Hypocrimap!

It’s one thing to accept money from a piece of legislation you campaigned strenuously against. But we’re seeing more and more stories about Republicans who just got done trashing the stimulus bill in Washington and are now back in their districts taking credit for the spending programs contained in it. A lot of the stories have already been written up. But I think there are many, many more out there. So keep an eye on your local media for examples.


And remember, the criteria are pretty clear. Every House Republican voted against the bill. So any member of the House with an R after his or her name qualifies. And in the senate pretty much the same with the exception of Snowe, Collins and Specter.

Send us links or other citations. We’ll apply the appropriate snark and share with the rest of the TPM readership, all culminating in a ground GOP Stimulus Hypocrimap.