Avoiding Apocalypse Election Live Blog #3

8:27 PM: Really hard to say with any certainty. But it’s looking like Trump got a big surge of rural white votes in the Florida panhandle. This looks like it’s going to be really tight in Florida.

8:22 PM: We could be at this for a while.

8:16 PM: Florida is really tight. But it seems like Clinton should have a decent amount of votes in South Florida to pull it out. Should.

8:07 PM: We’re still trying to resolve some technical issues with our results scoreboard. We hope to have it back shortly.

8:05 PM: I’m not sure entirely what they meant. But a short time ago a CNN reporter said that the Trump campaign had no visibility into the choices of non-party-declared voters in Florida. That they were flying blind essentially. That can mean a lot of things. But it sounded liked a catastrophic failure to collect the kind of data campaigns now usually have at their disposal. Curious to hear more about that.

8:02 PM: Results are coming in pretty rapidly now.

7:53 PM: From what I can see Florida is looking fairly good for Clinton. Not done but pretty encouraging for Clinton.