Avoiding Apocalypse Election Live Blog #1

6:34 PM: Keep an eye on a court case being argued right now in North Carolina over whether some precincts stay open. Also keep an eye on the Missouri Senate race.

6:26 PM: While we’re waiting, our election results console wait till a state has at least 10% of precincts reporting before coloring it in a light version of red or blue to showing who is leading as the results come in. Click through on the map to the right of the blog to get down to individual states, districts and counties. The rest should be self-explanatory. At 7pm we’re have partial or complete poll closings in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and New Hampshire. At 7:30pm we’ll have North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia.

6:06 PM: Well, as you can see, with results almost all from Kentucky, Donald Trump has a rather substantial popular vote lead in percentage terms! For the full live election results console click here.

5:35 PM: This is probably not as bad as it sounds, but certainly a little bumpiness.