Announcing The 2017 Golden Dukes!

One of the wildest, weirdest dumpster fires of a year ever to hit Washington, D.C. is coming to an end, and we’re bidding it farewell with TPM’s 11th annual Golden Duke Awards.

As you know, each year TPM celebrates the nation’s top promoters of all that is crazy, corrupt, and shameless in public life by awarding The Dukes, named in honor of Congressman-turned-convicted felon and inmate Randy “Duke” Cunningham. We’re hoping readers can point us to 2017’s worst (best) offenders. Sarcasm encouraged.
Nominations should be submitted no later than Tuesday, December 12. To get a sense of what we’re looking for, check out last year’s winners here.

This year’s categories are:

1. Best Scandal — General Interest

2. Best Scandal — Local Venue

3. Meritorious Achievement in The Crazy

4. Most Heartwarming On-The-Record Quote From A Trump Associate

5. Literary Achievement in 140 Characters (or Instagram) By A Public Official

6. Best Shameless Cartoon Villain Move By An Administration Official

7. Best Moment From A Press Conference

Email talk (at) with your nominations, identifying the person you’re recommending and making your case in no more than 250 words for why he or she is worthy of a prestigious Golden Duke. Only real, specific individuals are eligible—no parties, issues, groups, amorphous concepts, etc.

We’ll announce the nominees on Thursday, December 14 and send the list off to our panel of judges. The lucky winners will be named on Saturday, December 30.

Be in touch!