An Absolute Must Read

We’re familiar with the still substantial number of Republican politicians from the Deep South who have various ties to ‘Neo-Confederate’ political groups. Trent Lott, who got booted from the Senate leadership fifteen years ago, was the iconic recent example. In the aftermath of Charleston and Charlottesville, the GOP has been trying to get at least visual distance from these types even as Trump and the MAGA crowd has often tried to bear hug them more aggressively. But Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore is in a very different category. He not only has all the Trent Lott style connections. His longtime backer and top financial supporter is a white supremacist who is pushing for the South to secede AGAIN and form a white, Christian Republic. Again, this isn’t just nostalgia for the first secession and Jim Crow. His group wants to secede again. Cam Joseph brings us the whole story.