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A Note From Finland

March 19, 2022 5:54 p.m.

A Note from TPM Reader JI from Finland …

Then the very important point related to the role of the USA in the current Ukraine affairs (sorry I cannot write this rant in English in a short format). This is a point of view of a person living next door to Russia, having a long cultural experience about their behavior.

I think you folks in the USA have not even started to realise the role of your internal politics in the long game of Russia! At least you collectively behave as if you were ignorant of it.

Seen from here, Russias main CONCRETE interests are in conquering the neighbouring countries, partially or wholly, politically or physically. Such as the Ukraine and the Belorussia, perhaps also other countries in the future. Of course they also want to influence the USA otherwise, but let’s skip that now. Let’s look at the role of the USA in the direct land grabbing/neighbor-pressuring case.

In short, I see your role for the Russians as a tool, as a rebound board, or as a western backdoor to Europe.

Since Western Europe and the USA together (in the form of NATO and otherwise) has been too strong for Russia to expand, and since the USA is the greatest military backup fortress of NATO/Europe, they simply circumvented Europe and went to the core of the power using the kitchen door, the internal political structure of the USA.

I understand you would like to see your heroic country as the navel of the world and as the main focus of any operation, but I am sorry to inform that, in this case, you are only cheap tools. You had to be weakened (and Britain manipulated to Brexit etc) in order to facilitate invasions to Ukraine, Belarussia and a list of other neighboring pieces of land in Putin’s future Menu.

So, as a KGB officer would plan, they came exactly from the opposite direction than where they were expected. They professionally built an operation web among the rural redneck cowboys, evangelical christians, the NRA, the most republican of all republicans, your law enforcement, some military people, big business etc etc. They popped up to the surface from within the “core americans”, but their long dive before that was planned and had started from the Kremlin’s operation board.

They nearly succeeded with Trump/GOP in January 6th, by focusing and coordinating the heat of seemingly “spontaneus”, “random” protest movements and legal tricks and corrupt politicians like a welding flame to the same point and to the same moment. They just barely failed – for the time being!

Had Trump succeeded to keep in power, the march of Putin to various targets in the Eastern Europe would have been more like an easy summer parade. Nato would be partally paralyzed by his loyal friends in the White House (who likely would have got their personal share of the profits).

It was no coincidence that some crucial (and criminal) incidents of the Trump term had to do with the Ukraine. It was one of Putin’s main targets already then. Trump was because of Ukraine, not vice versa! GOP (short for “Girlfriends Of Putin”??) just blocked any consequences for him.

Through this lengthy backround I am finally coming to the current day and the Ukraine war. Yes, it is very good that Mr. Biden has been clear and concise about the war. It is good that he has promised weapon help to the Ukrainians. It is good that the sanctions are slowly biting. And it is good to keep an eye on China, as well. But a big BUT:

YOU ARE STILL KEEPING THE KITCHEN DOOR WIDE OPEN!!!! And now you are even securing it firmly to the open position!

Neither Trump nor any significant member of the GOP has been held accountable. After a year, your DOJ has not even STARTED TO QUESTION some main suspects of pressuring phone calls to election officials. The congress committee has, but without teeth to enforce. Are you really trying to sell the audience that a poor black pickpocket/shop burglar would be delayed even the first interrogation more than a year!!??!! Gimme a f**king break! And even on this very second the GOP is working in three shifts to make the next election even more rigged than the previous one. And you are just going to let it happen.. Tralala!

So, if you really want to do something for the Ukraine, for the Europe and to any other decent country or person, please also Do. Your. Own. Homework! Show to both your home audience and to the rest of the world that also the western flank of Putin’s army, the one located in your country, is kept accountable! No special treatment, just f**king enforce your old existing laws to ultra-rich/influential white dudes, as well! You are just tools, but you are very important tools for Putin also in the European front. Don’t let him use you.

I am bringing this letter to an end, Josh, thanks for your patience. I appreciate the journalism of your team and wish to support it concretely. But maybe you understand above why my whole interest in the US business has lagged, since by your collective inaction in your seemingly internal affairs, you let so bad things happen in the whole world.

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