Im not sure what

I’m not sure what the new bin Laden tape tells us about the fate of OBL. But I think it gives us some pretty definitive info on the fate of Suleiman Abu Ghaith. And the word is, he’s toast. Either that, or maybe he’s already entered into negotiations with Ari Fleischer.

As TPM readers well know, Suleiman Abu Ghaith is the Press Secretary and Spokesman for terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. There are several key signs that he’s no longer providing his services to OBL and may perhaps even have been killed in the Tora Bora bombing.

First, on the most recent tape bin Laden pretty clearly seems to have been reduced to writing his own material, which has reduced his effectiveness both in sowing terror and communicating his message.

Second, OBL appears with bad lighting, making him look pale, washed-out, and frankly rather languid. A good flak never lets this happen.

Third, bad or non-existent make-up.

Fourth, no subordinates on hand to make OBL look like a bigger deal.

Fifth, exotic rocky crag now replaced by unappealing brown sheet background.

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